TPP Airmid

Airmid is the new patient-facing app to support all of your healthcare needs. Citizens can take control of their own healthcare and engage with their own care team. From appointment booking to video consultations and wearable integrations, Airmid is the answer to Digital First healthcare for all. Functionality includes:

  • Communicate with clinicians without the need for a face to face appointments – use video and direct messaging
  • Full medical record access
  • Ability to add to own medical record
  • Integration with medical devices and wearables to feed data directly into your record e.g. Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Set and receive appointment and medication reminders
  • Request medication
  • Find local health care organisations
  • Proxy access available for family members or carers to have access to other patient records where necessary
  • Use Airmid for your child as an online eRedbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of devices can Airmid be used on?

Apple and Android mobile devices Click here to download Airmid for iOSClick here to download Airmid for Android

How do I register for the App?

  • If you have a SystmOnline account, you can use these credentials to log on to Airmid
  • Alternatively, if you have an NHS login, this can be used to log in to Airmid
  • If you do not have an NHS login, download the app and register as a new user via the NHS portal or request access by your surgery/organisations.

Can I see my medical record through Airmid?

Yes, providing the organisation has enabled Airmid and given you record access.

Can I request my medication using Airmid?

Yes, providing the organisation allows you to do this

How do I change any settings in the app?

To change your settings, please navigate to the menu and select settings.

How do I disable touch ID?

This feature can be disabled through settings

How do I send feedback to TPP?

  • From the menu select settings and click on send feedback
  • This will open your email account
  • Enter your feedback and send the email to TPP
  • The relevant TPP team will then review the feedback and action accordingly

How do I share my record with other people?

  • To share your record, click on the top right icon while viewing your record
  • Your record will be generated as a PDF file
  • You will be able to choose how to share your record from your PDF viewer

What about families or couples who share a device? (How is their record kept private?)

Each family member will have a different log in to the app which will take them to their personal record.

How do I find nearby clinics?

  • To view nearby clinics select the menu in the top left and select ‘Clinic Locator’
  • Select either current location, type (e.g. hospital, pharmacy and clinic), speciality (ENT, dermatology) or custom

How much storage space does the app need?

358mb storage

Can I log into Airmid on multiple devices at once?

Yes, if one device is offline you will not be able to see data entered on this device until it has connection

What happens if I flag an entry as incorrect?

  • If the organisation accepts changes made within the app, a request will be sent for the organisation to review the entry
  • If accepted, the data will be removed from the record
  • If the organisation does not accept changes made within the app, no request will be sent
  • The data will be flagged as incorrect in the app, but still be visible at the organisation

If I dismiss a notification by mistake, can I get it back? 

No, this will need to be resent by the organisation

Can I view my documents in Airmid?

Yes, if your healthcare provider have set the correct record access level

Who is the data controller of app-entered data?

- You, the patient

Is there a guide to help users?

Trouble logging in?

You will need to check with your practice/organisation to see if they

  • have enabled Airmid
  • If Airmid is enabled at your organisation and you are still having issues, please report to TPP

Is it possible to give proxy access to my record?

  • Yes, if you and the person you’re giving proxy access to are both registered for the app